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GRAND KINGS TM are caught and processed on board modern vessels. They are graded, packed and snap frozen on board within minutes of capture. KING PRAWNS are also cooked whilst still fresh. Damaged prawns are removed and packed separately.

South Australian King Prawns

Product Specification

Whole head on KING PRAWNS Packed In
U/6 lb or U13/kg 5kg cartons
U/8 lb or U/18/kg 5kg cartons
U/10 lb or U/22 kg 5kg cartons
10/15 lb or 23/33kg 10kg cartons
16/20 lb or 34/44kg 10kg cartons
21/30 lb or 45/66kg 10kg cartons
30+ lb or 67+ kg 10kg cartons
Soft / Broken / mixed grades 10kg cartons

Cold Storage Depot:

12 Charles Road, Beverley, South Australia 5009